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Top 10 Languages Used on the Internet

The "World Wide Web" is used by apporximately 2 BILLION people throughout the world. That's why many companies are anxious to translate their website into additional languages. Instead of having an audience of millions, your product or service could be available to literally billions of people in dozens of different countries. There are over 6,700 languages in the world today, but obviously some languages are more popular than others.

Here are the Top 10 Languages Used on the Internet:

  • English - 536 Million Users
  • Chinese - 445 Million Users

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Website Translation — Planning the Strategy...

Business is going well and you’re ready to take the next step. You want to translate your website into another language to increase sales. But, what is involved in order to make that happen? With some research, planning, and even some rewriting; we can help you turn your English website into a multilingual beast ready to conquer the world.

Here are some quick facts, figures and ideas as you begin thinking about website translation:
  • Research
  • Customer Support
  • Start Small
  • Word Files or HTML Files

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SEO for Multilingual Websites

Every business that has a website should be doing “search engine optimization” (SEO).  What is that exactly?  That is where you optimize your website so it ranks higher in Google and Bing. You have to look at your website through the eyes of a search engine, not only in English but in every language your website offers.

How do I can rank higher in Google and Bing?

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Trusting Your Global Marketing to a Machine?

Anyone who has dabbled in other languages has seen the “free translation” websites where you can type in a phrase or URL and it will magically translate the information into another language. This is called “machine translation” or “computer translation”. But, do these work?

The answer is that machine translation is about 80% - 90% accurate.   Is that “good enough” for YOUR international corporate image?  Likely not.

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Website Translation — Start Small, Then Add Later...

If you are like most businesses, your website has grown and grown over the years to the point where it has dozens, even hundreds, of web pages. There is a mixture of new and old content, various attachments and links, social marketing add-ons, investor information, press releases, e-commerce, product reviews, and more. Now, you want to translate your website, but that’s a lot of information and a lot of money!

What about translating only your main pages into another language?

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Website Translation — The Cost

Like anything else, many variables go into the final price of translating a website. Generally, the price of website translation project is based on the following criteria:
  • Per Word – Translation of Text
  • Per Graphic – Editing Text Inside Graphics with Illustrator or Photoshop
  • Per Page – Edit HTML Pages for Final Style
Several variables can make a difference with the pricing. Here are a few items to consider and a few tips:

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Don't Forget Multilingual Customer Support

Your website has been translated into Spanish and is now online. A person only knowing Spanish goes to your website and has a question. They call your phone number or send you an E-mail. Do you have someone on staff who can talk to the person in Spanish? What about answering an E-mail in Spanish?

The easy part is translating your website. The hard part is making sure everything else is in place to support your customer in their own language.

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Hispanics in the United States

Most regional or national businesses in the United States should consider translating their website and marketing materials into Spanish. Why?  Because there are about 48.4 million Hispanics who might buy your product or service. This is especially true if your product or service appeals to younger people and your business is located in the South or Southwest.

The Hispanic market has an annual buying power of OVER $1 TRILLION in the US.

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Writing for Website Translation

On the computer, with terabytes of storage space and an unlimited number of pages available, it’s easy to write, write, and write some more. But, who reads all of these extra words? Will they be understood in another language or culture? And, who is going to pay to have all of these words translated for your website?

When writing text for your website, here are some things to keep in mind:

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Top 10 Export Countries for United States in 2009

Businesses are always looking for new opportunities to increase sales, whether to people living in the United States or exporting their goods and services to other countries.

Listed below are the Top 10 Export Countries for United States in 2009:

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